Posted in March 2012

Seoul Mates – Touring On My Own

Dreamscapes magazine, Winter 2011 By Cynthia David On my first morning in Seoul, the guide circled a few suggestions on a map and sent me off into the glorious autumn sunshine, confident I’d have no problem exploring this vast city on my own without understanding a word of Korean. She must have known her 11 … Continue reading

Meyer Lemons are a New Squeeze

Toronto Star Winter 2011 When life gives you lemons, make it a Meyer. This California import, with its sunny yellow glow and heady tropical scent, is the Lamborghini of lemons. And its popularity is revving up, from restaurant menus to a supermarket near you. A natural cross between a lemon and a tangerine, Meyers are … Continue reading

Tovolo Petite Pie Mold

Grab and Go is the hottest trend in food right now. With this adorable little mold, you can now make your own portable pies, sweet or savory. One side of the mold cuts pastry dough into scalloped circles. Transfer the dough to the mold’s smooth interior, fill with a few spoonfuls of pre-cooked filling and … Continue reading

Go Yonanas!

Eileen McHale is going Yonanas! The Miami-based caterer and private chef turned entrepreneur now spends her days in Shopping Channel TV studios and in supermarkets demonstrating the year-old machine that turns over-ripe bananas into an instant dairy-free dessert with the consistency of frozen yogurt or soft-serve ice cream. It’s certainly easy to use: Freeze spotty … Continue reading

Ducking Publicity

If you love duck, and fancy a Sunday drive up Hwy 404, stop in at the tiny retail shop of King Cole Ducks, which raises and processes two million pekin ducks a year. The cooler is well-stocked with fresh and frozen duck at prices that are positively ducky. You’ll find fresh and smoked breasts, frozen … Continue reading


A few years back, I interviewed MaryGrace Sexton, CEO of Orchid Island Juice Co. in Fort Pierce, Florida, for a citrus story. Two days later, a Styrofoam box full of juice landed on my doorstep – enough for the entire neighbourhood. It tasted so fresh and rich, everyone wanted to know where to buy it. … Continue reading

Soup in a Box

Tomato soup fans, your lunch awaits. Mastronardi Produce Ltd. in Leamington is preparing to launch a soup kit in a cello-wrapped box under its Sunset brand. Each $4.99 kit will contain six gloriously red and picture-perfect greenhouse tomatoes on the vine, a packet of seasoning and a packet of croutons. The recipe is simple: dice … Continue reading

Say Brie!

I finally met Albert Borgo of Quality Cheese Inc. in Vaughan, cheese master behind Bella Casara buffalo mozzarella and creamy white rounds of fior di latte, my personal favourite. Borgo says he teamed up with an English cheesemaker last year to learn how to make brie cheese with pasteurized milk that’s just as flavourful as … Continue reading