Ducking Publicity

If you love duck, and fancy a Sunday drive up Hwy 404, stop in at the tiny retail shop of King Cole Ducks, which raises and processes two million pekin ducks a year.

The cooler is well-stocked with fresh and frozen duck at prices that are positively ducky. You’ll find fresh and smoked breasts, frozen duck confit and half ducks, cooked duck à l’orange, duck fat for fries and their newest item, duck spiedini. These long thin appetizer-sized skewers of breast meat cook in a flash on the grill.

To get to King Cole, turn right on Aurora Road in Newmarket, left on Warden and look for the sign. The shop is open seven days a week.

If you don’t have a car, subway over to Café Fiorentina, 236 Danforth Ave., east of Broadview, for chefs Alex and Tina’s weekend duck eggs benedict with duck confit on homemade pain au lait.

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