Posted in March 2013

Letters from Italia: Village life

The rain has stopped, for now, leaving the fields green and the daffodils blooming in time for Pasqua, though it’s still cold enough for a winter jacket. Twelve degrees tomorrow, they promise, but it may be short-lived. Inside, by the stuffa, the enclosed wood stove that heats the main floor of Remo’s sprawling split-level house, … Continue reading

Letters from Italia

March 28 Arriving in Agrate When I showed my 75-year-old brother-in-law my blog, with its photo of fennel, he looked bemused. I can’t blame him; when fennel is part of your DNA and grows in your garden, why would you write an article about it? Even after a night in business class, day 1 was … Continue reading

Fennel packs a licorice surprise

Fennel packs a licorice surprise

By: Cynthia David Published in the Toronto Star March 22, 2013 With its frothy green fronds and shapely body, fennel is the coquette of vegetables. Bite into the crisp white bulb, however, and its deep licorice flavour may knock your socks off. If you don’t like black licorice, chances are you won’t be serving this … Continue reading

Root for homely celery root

Published in the Toronto Star, March 8, 2013 Gnarled knobs of celery root may look a little scary, but beneath their pitted beige skin and tangle of rootlets lies a heart of culinary gold. If you’re eating local, this homely root is just the thing to add variety to end-of-winter meals with its potato-like texture … Continue reading