Posted in July 2022

Table for One

When you travel solo, dining out is a big deal. Especially after a day of sightseeing in a new town or city, where the only people you may speak to are the bus driver, taxi driver, hotel cleaning staff, people in line or other single tourists. Settling in at a table for one that evening … Continue reading

Welcome to the Cotswolds

Welcome to the Cotswolds

My trip from London to southern England’s famous Cotswolds region began with a glitch, finding giant locked metal doors at the entrance to the new Elizabeth subway line I was planning to take to Paddington train station. When more subway riders joined me, also unaware the line closed on Sunday, I knew we were in … Continue reading

Best of Bologna

If you ever enjoyed bologna as a kid, thank Italy’s pork powerhouse Bologna. This elegant city, steeped in history and known world-wide for its kilometres of porticos and pair of leaning towers, is also famous for pasta, pork products like mortadella (the original bologna) and gelato. Fifteen years ago, Bologna was a hidden treasure beloved … Continue reading