About Cynthia


Toronto-based journalist, seasoned food writer, world traveller, fruit and veg aficionado and wild mushroom forager.

After completing a year of chef’s training at George Brown College, Cynthia spent the summer working at a one-star Michelin restaurant in France.

She learned to make béarnaise in Paris, pasta in Florence, mole in Oaxaca, Thai curry in Bangkok and pho in Hanoi.

Cynthia loves sharing her knowledge of food and introducing readers to new food finds, from products and restaurants to favourite kitchen gadgets and travel destinations.

Career highlights

· Food Editor at the Toronto Sun, The London Free Press and Style at Home magazine

· Published in leading consumer and trade newspapers and magazines including Food & Drink, the Toronto Star, The Packer, Foodservice and Hospitality and Canadian Living

· Fellow of the Ontario Hostelry Institute


  1. So glad you are doing this, Cynthia. Your writing, whatever subject, is a balm on a crowded day. You go girl!

  2. Thanks for hooking me up with your blog. Too many months go by without a word, in our crazy busy lives!!
    Great articles to read!!

  3. As a long time admirer of your work Cynthia, I am really enjoyng your fascinating and oh so interesting blogs. Keep up this important work. The California greens story puts a whole different spin on the food safety situation. Keep it coming.

  4. Re: the column on parsnips…..as a child in N Ireland during the war my mother would cook, mash and cool parsnips then she would add banana essence and tell us they were bananas. It was years before I realized bananas had a skin….

  5. read your ( Ms. David’s) delicious sounding column in the Star about Collards. One question, was there a typo? was the chef blanching the collards in water for 40 minutes. should it have been 40 seconds?

    • Hi havent seen any percinnamons yet but the vanilla persimons from Spain are all over this year. Thinking texture too firm and dry for cookies but good for salad or bread pudding perhaps. And for eating fresh in wesges!

  6. Hi, Cynthia –
    saw the apple piece in today’s Star. Any reason why it’s spelled pazazz instead of the usual pizzazz?
    Joe Fiorito

  7. Omg… loved the article on dating at 60.. I am in that position now and could relate to everything you said! So far n reading it! Sue

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