Tovolo Petite Pie Mold

Grab and Go is the hottest trend in food right now. With this adorable little mold, you can now make your own portable pies, sweet or savory. One side of the mold cuts pastry dough into scalloped circles. Transfer the dough to the mold’s smooth interior, fill with a few spoonfuls of pre-cooked filling and press to seal and crimp. Cut an air vent and bake pies on a cookie sheet.

The verdict:

Pretty and yum, though the apple pie filling recipe that comes with the mold seems a bit wonky. For starters, you do not need ½ cup butter!!

If you’re not making your own dough, try Pillsbury refrigerated dough. A package of two crusts easily makes four petite pies. Piecing the extra pieces together to make more led to cracked crusts, but the pies were still delicious.

Thawed and flattened frozen pie crusts in the shell were harder to work with – too thin and brittle for this job.

Suggested retail price: $7.99.

To find a retailer near you, call 1-888-225-7378 or email

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