Say Brie!

I finally met Albert Borgo of Quality Cheese Inc. in Vaughan, cheese master behind Bella Casara buffalo mozzarella and creamy white rounds of fior di latte, my personal favourite.

Borgo says he teamed up with an English cheesemaker last year to learn how to make brie cheese with pasteurized milk that’s just as flavourful as the original raw milk brie de meaux from France.

His new cheese, called Albert’s Leap, is a winner – completely unlike the bland, plastic-tasting Canadian brie we’ve come to expect. But he’s having a hard time getting the word out and finding customers for it.

So, here’s the plan. Let’s all start asking for Albert’s Leap at our local cheese shop. It’s even worth a trip to Vaughan!

Albert says he has ideas for plenty more cheese, including clothbound cheddar.

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