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Give us The WORKS!

Give us The WORKS!

After months under wraps, The Works has arrived in Toronto. This 82-seat gourmet burger bistro, well-known to anyone who’s eaten in Ottawa in the past decade, officially opens May 4 on The Danforth, just east of Pape. It’s the first of four TO locations planned for the next year following the success of the chain’s … Continue reading

Bring Back Sunday Dinner!

“Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner?” Lisa Caponigri asks in her new rustic Italian cookbook. Good question, but we all know the answer. Life! With mom and dad gone, and one sister in Kenya, the only time my family gets together these days is for a funeral. But we still have warm memories of Sunday and … Continue reading

Better Butter

Chef Lynn Crawford and her team put on quite a spread this week at Ruby WatchCo in downtown TO in honour of Stirling Creamery butter, churned in Stirling, Ontario. The evening began with spiced rum cocktails rimmed with brown butter and coarse sugar, followed by shrimp poached in butter, hush puppies dabbed in honey butter, … Continue reading

Tovolo Petite Pie Mold

Grab and Go is the hottest trend in food right now. With this adorable little mold, you can now make your own portable pies, sweet or savory. One side of the mold cuts pastry dough into scalloped circles. Transfer the dough to the mold’s smooth interior, fill with a few spoonfuls of pre-cooked filling and … Continue reading

Soup in a Box

Tomato soup fans, your lunch awaits. Mastronardi Produce Ltd. in Leamington is preparing to launch a soup kit in a cello-wrapped box under its Sunset brand. Each $4.99 kit will contain six gloriously red and picture-perfect greenhouse tomatoes on the vine, a packet of seasoning and a packet of croutons. The recipe is simple: dice … Continue reading