Magic among the vines

Published in Dreamscapes magazine, spring 2012

Winning a trip to southwestern France is a dream come true for anyone who loves wine and food.

Just ask Shawna and Martin Gibb of Kelowna, B.C., winners of the 2011 Discover France by its Wines contest organized by the French tourist office.

If you happen to catch the official videos of the trip, now online at, I’m the one scratching in a notebook in an attempt to capture every moment of those 10 action-packed days in June.

From the lively city of Toulouse, we drove north into the Midi-Pyrénées region, home of Gaillac and Cahors wines, then headed to the wildly beautiful island of Corsica, where we were given five minutes to prepare for a Mediterranean plonge weighed down by scuba gear, a handsome Frenchman at our side.

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